About Us

Mission Statement

Quality Construction Est. is dedicated to providing quality construction, Manpower, Trading, Technical and Management services to our customer. We will strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs to fulfill this mission. We will treat all employees fairly an involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and cost-effective work execution.

Health & Safety And Environment (HSE) Policy

  • AL HARBI is committed to provide a safe working environment to both its employees & its client. We strive to achieve the thought of program that continuous to employees in safety and looks prevention aspect and by means of effective communication between all parties involved in project operation.
  • AL HARBI ensures that selected candidates have enough safety awareness on the jobs failing this, and then comprehensive training sessions will be organized.
  • Health & Safety an Environments (SHE) Policy is a vital attribute the well begin of every employee depend on safety, health and environment hence all Possible steps are taken to keep the health of every employees practically sound. we always look forward to an accident/ incident free atmosphere on the job or off the job at all times.
  • A part of our safety training program, we provide indoctrination to every new employee followed be orientation to be planet area he is assigned to work.

Message From The General Manager

I am delighted to present a company to you that is “built to last” and is proud to have continually delivered the right Engineering, Instrument, Rental Equipment and Trading Solutions for our Public and Private sectors/Client since its inception. In every Project that we executed, there is a story behind it, a Personality ingrained by those who designed and built it, no matter that our clients project challenges, we will offer the smart people who are skilled with the desire and dedication together the job done according the specification of our valued clients. We don’t just build public and private infrastructure, we make commitment to understand our clients need and offer an end solution to every project either of its size and location. Our created approach, value for our clients and strategic planning in execution is that makes us stand out from the crowd. Anyone can build, but we build it better and stronger. We have the best Human Resources as well because they are the Back Bone of Our Company. “Exceeding Expectations but never your Budget” that’s our commitment to our entire Client.